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The Spotlight on ABS

Atlanta Business Spotlight was formed by Carol Neal and Tracee Randall – women that had worked together for over six years with various others ventures. They brought together their different backgrounds and stories to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners. They wanted to not only spotlight the various businesses but offer training and networking to those business owners they worked with.

Carol and Tracee already had a history of working together. A chance meeting led to working togther in several highly successful ventures – including taking over the ownership of Xperience Connections, a fifteen year old women’s networking business in 2016. Atlanta Business Spotlight has also sponsored the collaboration book series Insider Tips Volumes 1 and 2 and  the successful Be The Voice book. Each set of collaborations brought together entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Voice highlights a mentor or other special person that has been an inspiration for each contributor.

Insider Tips series has over 35 contributing business owners and entrepreneurs. Together the two volumes have over 325 business tips to guaranteed to help anyone in business – from someone just starting out to the experienced business person. Business hacks and tips that will improve a businesses bottom line.


In addition, ABS runs a highly successful Facebook membership group with over 3500 members. Members areencouraged to “spotlight” their businesses on the page and promote the businesses activities. Members of the group also network online to grow their businesses and their professional reach.

ABS teaches what they speak as well by offering training programs that can be customized to each of their client needs. From teaching an “elevator speech” formula to how to network to identifying our various “work personalities” these training programs will help any business move to the next level.

Carol Neal

Atlanta Business Spotlight Co-Founder and CEO of Xperience Connections.

Tracee Randall

Co-Founder of Atlanta Business Spotlight and CMO of Xperience Connections


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