Tracee Randall

Known as the “Soapbox  Diva” for her passion about telling the plain truth about today’s toxic world, Tracee Randall is recognized internationally as a speaker, an author and an advocate for women. She has been a career entrepreneur for over 30 years. Specializing in corporate relocation and property management, she and her husband Bobby founded WIN Marketing, Inc, in 1990 which grew to a $4 Million business and she has created global teams in several Direct Sales companies.

She is a contributing author in the best selling book series  “The Change–Insights to Empowerment” and co-published and contributed to “The Voice That Changed Everything” and the first 2 books in the series Insider Tips: 100 Innovative Ways to Increase Profit, as well as author of her own book “The Fastest Way to God’s Favor and Blessing” and the popular multi-media programs “Get MAD About Cancer” and “Make Up Your Mind”.

The Founder of Generational Health, she is working with and endorsed by Bob Wright, Founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute and author of ‘Killing Cancer Not People”.  Her alignment with the American Anti-Cancer Institute, which is a non-profit that educates on the natural treatment and prevention of cancer and other diseases, has thrust her into a personal crusade to empower families to change their health legacy and she has dedicated the last 10 years to this effort.

Part of this effort has been dedicated to helping families find ways to afford preventative and alternative health care. As a result she recently partnered with CalChoice Investments and Financial Services, working with leaders in the financial arena to provide living benefits for families who could otherwise be financially devastated by medical bills, and she is leading an initiative to Financially Empower Women.

She has also recently been named a spokesperson for the Nspire Network which is bringing healthy feminine hygiene products to the U.S. and educating women through their “Now We No” campaign….now that we know, we say NO to the toxins in the products we use every day.

She is co-founder of Atlanta Business Spotlight and Chief Motivational Officer of Xperience Connections. A resident of Alpharetta, Georgia, she is a woman of faith, a devoted mother and wife, and a loving grandmother of four. She speaks from her heart AND from her soapbox…she is passionate about educating people on how to create a three-fold legacy of faith, health and wealth for themselves and for generations to come.